Gianfranco Secchi: another SICC Icon has left us


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20 Apr, 2022 / 31 May, 2022
Milan SICC Office

Gianfranco Secchi, an Icon of SICC and IFSCC, left us yesterday.

It is difficult not to imagine Gianfranco who still, with his deep and gruff gaze, scolds us to push us on the path of rigor and correctness, but always available to review his uncompromising position. Gianfranco held the most important positions of SICC and IFSCC, up to the Presidency, coinciding with the great success of the IFSCC World Conference in Florence in 2005; but even afterwards he continued to support the Association in the most important moments, such as the Congress at the Milan Expo in 2015 and, most recently, the IFSCC World Conference in 2019, and even after, until the last few days! We are consoled by the certainty that his great Faith will have accompanied him in this last step and that from up there he will continue to guide us on the right path!