3rd Advanced Course for Cosmetic Safety Assessors


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14 Oct, 2022 Hr : 16:00 / 17 Oct, 2022 Hr : 24:00
Sestri Levante - Hotel 2 Mari ( GE )


3rd Advanced Course for Cosmetic Safety Assessors

the Advanced Course, lasting 2 days, reserved for Graduates of the Basic courses who want to deepen the "hottest" topics with updates and exercises

The training objective responds to what we know to be the cosmetologist's need in terms of safety assessment. In fact, our course dedicates an important part to the influence that the various cosmetic forms, their ingredients and packaging have on the safety of the product when used by both the consumer and the professional.

As for the Basic Course, the Advanced Course is also dedicated not only to those in possession of the compulsory Degrees provided for by the Cosmetic Regulations to perform the functions of Safety Evaluator, but also to cosmetologists or entrepreneurs who wish to acquire autonomy in submitting to the evaluator consultant formulations sufficiently guaranteed from the point of view of cosmetic safety.

The Bay of Silence in Sestri Levante (GE), one of the most beautiful corners of the Mediterranean, will be the backdrop for participants and carers who will be able to enjoy the excellent services of the Hotel "2 Mari" which will host teachers and learners with full board, thus giving the possibility to alternate intensive teaching sessions with moments of relaxation in the wellness areas offered by the hotel

Programma 3° Corso Sicurezza Avanzato - Sestri 2022

Scheda di Iscrizione

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14 Oct 2022
16:00 Mignini Elio Briefing Corso Avanzato 2022
16:15 Mignini Elio Il Progetto SICC Accademia SPES per un cosmetico Sicuro, Piacevole, Efficace, Stabile
17:00 Angelinetta Claudio Come Valutare l'Efficacia dei prodotti Cosmetici con metodologie in-vitro ed in-vivo
15 Oct 2022
09:00 Mignini Elio Assegnazione Briefing a sottogruppi
09:30 Gregorini Francesco Come si fa classificazione CLP
14:00 Pirotta Giulio Cosmetovigilanza
19:00 Sartor Giovanna Approfondimenti microbiologici
20:00 Sartor Giovanna Doc materie prime
16 Oct 2022
14:00 Lionetti Nicola Esercitazioni assistite
14:50 TBD To be Defined Conclusione e presentazione lavori dei 3 gruppi
15:00 To Be Defined TBD PIF gruppo 1
15:30 To Be Defined TBD PIF gruppo 2
16:00 To Be Defined TBD PIF gruppo 3