6th IPCE Conference


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07 Jun, 2023 Hr : 09:00 / 08 Jun, 2023 Hr : 24:00
Villasimius - Tanka Village Resort ( CA )

6th Intercontinental Personal Care Excellence Conference

Cosmetic technology transition: the dawn of a new era; 


  • Acceleration of eco-friendliness
  • AI and EcoDigital transition
  • Neuro and Sensory Sciences 

IPCE every year proposes the best Scientific Posters of the last IFSCC event, in this case the 32nd IFSCC Congress in London (September 2022)

Once again this year, we are proud to re-propose the much appreciated model, which gives young researchers the opportunity to exhibit as "Podium Lecturers" what was presented briefly in the form of Posters; They will be integrated by internationally renowned Lecturers.

“Renaissance” is the motto that characterizes the 6th  “New” Edition ... a wish that accompanies our desire to finally return to presence in a fascinating location on our peninsula

The International Committee is made up of the following qualified cosmetologists

E. Mignini (ITA - Chair); A. Ciavola (ITA); F. Kanda (JAP); F. Leroy (FRA); M. Minamino (JAP); S. Motta (ITA); T. O'Lenick (USA); E. Piras (ITA); C. Villa (ITA) 

Final Scientific Program

Registration Rates

Registration Rates are comprehensive of 2 days in Full Board at the VOI TANKA HOTEL (****) 

VOI Tanka Village Resort

Registration open at https://www.ipce2023.promoest.com/hp.aspx

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07 Jun 2023
9:30 Yushi Katsuyama The disfunction of dermal fibers in photoaging is caused by the impairment of mitochondrial function
9:50 Perugini Paola Preservation in facial sheet masks: Biocellulose as polymeric matrix to avoid preservative release into the skin
10:10 Lawrence Paul Targeting small non-coding RNAs to diminish the epigenetic ravages of aged skin
10:30 Di Martino Piera The evolution of senses: can the ecological transition influence the senseperception
11.00 Pagac Martin Human milk oligosaccharides attenuate solar irradiation inducedinflammation and oxidative stress in human skin
11:20 Pouradier Florence How to ensure a reliable method deployment? An example with the In Vitro SPF Double Plate method
11:40 Pissavini Marc A new in vitro screening method to assess water resistancy
14:00 Pressi Giovanna Standardized phytocomplex of Perilla frutescens derived from in vitro cellcultures: maintenance of skin integrity and use in vaginal gel formulations
14:20 Bicard Benhamou Valerie A powerful and sustainable natural plant extract visibly minimizing theappearance of stretchmarks on the body
14:40 Perez Roman Antonanzas Novel sustainable plastic-free cosmetic packaging and product
15:00 Pappas Apostolos Endocrine connection to neuro and psychological aspects that affect the healthy skin barrier
15:30 Lionetti Nicola The real active ingredient from Santalum Album: efficacy studies in an anti-hair loss protocol
15:50 Tsuchiya Reiichiro Characteristics of natural derived surface treated pigments for theachievement of SDGs
16:10 Kenji Kayahara The ultimate solution for an ideal non-chemical sunscreen “A novel spherical zinc oxide renders unsurpassed transparency andtexture”
16:30 Yuki Kimura New Application of Emulsification Technology for the SDGs Era: Reducingwaste through control of emulsification and separating
08 Jun 2023
9.30 Iwahashi Hiroyasu Overcoming insufficient sleep - screening of plant extracts that reinforcethe effect of growth hormone
9:50 Girardi Cristina Evaluation of the human skin responses to solar-simulated radiation in anex vivo model: effects and photoprotection.
10:10 Tito Annalisa Innovative 3D skin and plant models to effectively monitor Piezo1 andPiezo2 driven mechanotransduction
10:30 Kazutami Sakamoto The Current activities of ISO/TC91/Surface active agents to adopt the UN’s SDGs in relation to the holistic sustainability for cosmetics
11:00 Arrieta Escobar Javier Study of the Effect of Leonurus Japonicus Extract on Atopic Dermatitis
11:20 Meloni Marisa Wound healing and skin regeneration on FT-skin
11:40 Yokoyama Takahiro Computer Simulation evidence of the molecular mechanism of makeupremoval using cleansing foam: Is an “in-silico formulator” superior to a human formulator?
14:00 Stevic Milica Determination of Lipstick Authenticity Parameters
14:20 Pirovano Claudio Switch color ingredient: an amazing way to change static make-up
14:40 Karzazi Samir How to use bio- and neuroscientific techniques in fragrance and cosmetic research: Speech complemented by experimental device
15:30 SICC Generico Panel Discussion: neuro-marketing and applied neuroscience
16:15 Haraguchi Padilha Milene Bridging the gap between long lasting and active ingredients delivery incolor cosmetics: an in-depth study using in vitro and in vivo permeation techniques
16:35 Kanazawa Riko Hair Medulla Care to Create an Attractive "Swinging Hair"
16:55 Marchioretto Sabrina Fundamental understanding of highly textured hair through technicalinvestigation and social listening for high performance solutions aimed atnatural textures and straightened textures