1st IPM Course - Cosmetic Itineraries


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05 Apr, 2024 Hr : 10:00 / 06 Apr, 2024 Hr : 24:00
Milano - Sede Ufficio SICC - Via G. Mameli 4 ( MI )

Innovation Project Management Course - New Cosmetic Itineraries Maria Ferrero

Itineraries is the name of a specialization course held by SICC for young undergraduates and graduates, or practitioners and enthusiasts of the cosmetics sector who want to broaden the boundaries of their field of knowledge and study, technical and/or practical experience. This course, which is now several years old, has always received wide acclaim among those who have joined

In the new version, dedicated to Maria Ferrero, the course changes the title to "Innovation Project Management Course" to better clarify its objectives

Participants will be assigned a brief and, thanks to the experience of some of the most qualified tutors on the Italian scene, the learners will have the opportunity to compare themselves both remotely and in person and to work experimentally thanks to the companies collaborating on the project, thus increasing the their potential in the labor market

It is in fact an integrated course, aimed at allowing participants to experience, first hand and in the working group, the path of a development project as it happens in the company reality, addressing the emerging and influential themes and problems before, during and after the actual technical and formulation development

For "Certified" Students we have provided promotional fees that universities that have an interest in Cosmetics will certainly be able to support by virtue of the possibility of considering participation as an internship and a source of possible experimental theses; for young cosmetologists, however, an opportunity to have a unique experience with a commitment of time compatible with work and/or professional activities


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