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07 giu, 2023 Hr : 09:00 / 08 giu, 2023 Hr : 24:00
Villasimius - Tanka Village Resort ( CA )

6th Intercontinental Personal Care Excellence Conference

Cosmetic technology transition: the dawn of a new era

Sub-sectionns: Acceleration of eco-friendlines; AI and EcoDigital transition; Neuro and Sensory Sciences  

IPCE, propone ogni anno i migliori Poster Scientifici dell’ultimo evento IFSCC, in questo caso il Congresso IFSCC di Londra (Settembre 2022)

Anche quest’anno, con orgoglio, riproponiamo il modello così apprezzato, che dà la possibilità a giovani ricercatori di esporre in qualità di “Podium Lecturers” quanto presentato sinteticamente sotto forma di Poster, che saranno affiancati da Lettori Magistrali di fama Internazionale.

Renaissance è il motto che caratterizza questa 6^ edizione... un auspicio che accompagna la nostra volontà di tornare finalmente in-presenza in una località affascinante della nostra penisola

Il Comitato Internazionale è costituito dai seguenti esperti

E. Mignini (ITA - Chair); A. Ciavola (ITA); F. Kanda (JAP); F. Leroy (FRA); M. Minamino (JAP); S. Motta (ITA); T. O'Lenick (USA); E. Piras (ITA); C. Villa (ITA) 


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Le quote di registrazione, ad esclusione degli studenti, sono comprensive di 2 giorni in FB ( pernottamenti in DUS e pensione completa) presso l'Hotel del VOI TANKA VILLAGE (****) 

VOI Tanka Village Resort

Registration open at https://www.ipce2023.promoest.com/hp.aspx

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Le "Complimentary Registrations" abbinate ad ogni forma di sponsorizzazione sono comprensive di 2 giorni in FB ( pernottamenti in DUS e pensione completa) presso l'Hotel del VOI TANKA VILLAGE (****) 

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07 giu 2023
9:30 Yushi Katsuyama The disfunction of dermal fibers in photoaging is caused by the impairment of mitochondrial function
9:50 Perugini Paola Preservation in facial sheet masks: Biocellulose as polymeric matrix to avoid preservative release into the skin
10:10 Lawrence Paul Targeting small non-coding RNAs to diminish the epigenetic ravages of aged skin
10:30 Di Martino Piera The evolution of senses: can the ecological transition influence the senseperception
11.00 Pagac Martin Human milk oligosaccharides attenuate solar irradiation inducedinflammation and oxidative stress in human skin
11:20 Pouradier Florence How to ensure a reliable method deployment? An example with the In Vitro SPF Double Plate method
11:40 Pissavini Marc A new in vitro screening method to assess water resistancy
14:00 Pressi Giovanna Standardized phytocomplex of Perilla frutescens derived from in vitro cellcultures: maintenance of skin integrity and use in vaginal gel formulations
14:20 Bicard Benhamou Valerie A powerful and sustainable natural plant extract visibly minimizing theappearance of stretchmarks on the body
14:40 Perez Roman Antonanzas Novel sustainable plastic-free cosmetic packaging and product
15:00 Pappas Apostolos Endocrine connection to neuro and psychological aspects that affect the healthy skin barrier
15:30 Lionetti Nicola The real active ingredient from Santalum Album: efficacy studies in an anti-hair loss protocol
15:50 Tsuchiya Reiichiro Characteristics of natural derived surface treated pigments for theachievement of SDGs
16:10 Kenji Kayahara The ultimate solution for an ideal non-chemical sunscreen “A novel spherical zinc oxide renders unsurpassed transparency andtexture”
16:30 Yuki Kimura New Application of Emulsification Technology for the SDGs Era: Reducingwaste through control of emulsification and separating
08 giu 2023
9.30 Iwahashi Hiroyasu Overcoming insufficient sleep - screening of plant extracts that reinforcethe effect of growth hormone
9:50 Girardi Cristina Evaluation of the human skin responses to solar-simulated radiation in anex vivo model: effects and photoprotection.
10:10 Tito Annalisa Innovative 3D skin and plant models to effectively monitor Piezo1 andPiezo2 driven mechanotransduction
10:30 Kazutami Sakamoto The Current activities of ISO/TC91/Surface active agents to adopt the UN’s SDGs in relation to the holistic sustainability for cosmetics
11:00 Arrieta Escobar Javier Study of the Effect of Leonurus Japonicus Extract on Atopic Dermatitis
11:20 Meloni Marisa Wound healing and skin regeneration on FT-skin
11:40 Yokoyama Takahiro Computer Simulation evidence of the molecular mechanism of makeupremoval using cleansing foam: Is an “in-silico formulator” superior to a human formulator?
14:00 Stevic Milica Determination of Lipstick Authenticity Parameters
14:20 Pirovano Claudio Switch color ingredient: an amazing way to change static make-up
14:40 Karzazi Samir How to use bio- and neuroscientific techniques in fragrance and cosmetic research: Speech complemented by experimental device
15:30 SICC Generico Panel Discussion: neuro-marketing and applied neuroscience
16:15 Haraguchi Padilha Milene Bridging the gap between long lasting and active ingredients delivery incolor cosmetics: an in-depth study using in vitro and in vivo permeation techniques
16:35 Kanazawa Riko Hair Medulla Care to Create an Attractive "Swinging Hair"
16:55 Marchioretto Sabrina Fundamental understanding of highly textured hair through technicalinvestigation and social listening for high performance solutions aimed atnatural textures and straightened textures