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3 giugno 2018, ore 09:00 5 giugno 2018, ore 18:00

Sestri Levante (GE)
Centro Congressi Mediaterraneo

The future of cosmetics is now: innovations and technologies: rarely a title like that assigned to the event was more appropriate!

35 Scientific Lecturers from 11 different Countries in representation of 4 Continents succeeded on the stage of the “Annunziata Convention Centre” to illustrate the edge and emerging trending technologies of the Cosmetic Science

The four sessions of the 2 days Conference where introduced by well known international Keynote speakers:  

M. Minamino opened the session “Emotional Cosmetics” giving supporting evidence to the assumption that developing and supplying emotions is not scientifically reductive for the Cosmetic Scientist.

A. O’Lenick introduced the session “Hi-tech in Personal Care”, illustrating some of the new technologies supporting the concept that Hi-tech in Personal Care also means that “looking deeply into the nature of the raw materials in our formulations and how they interact with each other will allow us understand our formulations better and make better products”

F. Kanda illustrated with extremely efficacious examples the concept of the 3rd session: new ingredients are the real drivers for breakthrough cosmetic innovations to satisfy the consumer’s needs

A. Pappas opened the last session “Functional Cosmetics” showing how bio-imitation can be used as a master tool to formulate effective cosmetic products 

The first Day was carried out in the Conference room and in the luxurious Gardens of the Due Mari Hotel:

The first lesson  on Microbioma, Microbiota and Probiotics, was brilliantly conducted by Dr. A. Pappas and Ing. M. Piacentini, who kindly accepted to replace the designatedl teachers (Prof. M. Eggert from the Furtwangen University and Prof E. Serra, from the Univerity of Catalunya) who had to renounce  for last minutes problems

he second lesson on Cosmetic Testing was delivered by Dr. T. Hollowood from Sensory Dimensions and Ing. M. Piacentini, from Eurofins Cosmetics, who shared the responsibility to illustrate how instrumental testings can be synergic and complementary to sensory and preference Market tests•

he  Paradox “Round Table”  on Sustainability in Cosmetics, was conducted by Prof. F. Iraldo from the “Bocconi” University of Milan, rising an passionate discussion amongst different stake holders of the Cosmetic Chain, while tasting a light  aperitive in one of the Hotel Gardens •In a second garden,

M. Vassallo, from the Complife Group, guided a smaller but well skilled cosmetologists in the risky path of the heavy metals and their limits in Cosmetics! 

Last, but not least, a delegation of the Oriental Beauty Valley, was invited to create a network of contacts during a working lunch and to present a video illustrating the facilities and the activities of this growing cosmetic district in China


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